Welcome to Orion 3D Printers.  So glad you're here!

My name is Andy the founder of Orion 3D Printers.  We have opened this online retailer to sell the best quality 3D printers and accessories for the best prices.  We started off small as a small company in the city of Garden Grove, the city I grew up in.  It was then I noticed there was something missing when I was first starting this company.  It was the customers, there was almost no link or bond that connected me to my customers.  So I decided to go online!  Our team built this website and brand just to supply my customers with the best 3D Printers and accessories for the best prices, while still having the special connection that every business and their customers should have. 

Today we work with big influential 3D Printing brands that now run through many communities.  Brands that have a vision and a goal in mind are the kinds of companies that we love to work with and we do.  3D Printers are what brings us together as a family and community.

Please contact us anytime for any questions of any matter.  Thank you