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Delta WASP 4070 Industrial 4.0 

The WASP team has focused on the user experience with the new Industrial 4.0 Line and have improved several features to make it easier than ever to print large models.

Popular features such as the Spitfire extruder, resurrection system, and filament detection are still there, but the Delta Wasp 4070 Industrial 4.0 now boasts upgrades including a touchscreen, Wifi connectivity, and a fully-enclosed heated build chamber.

 4.0 Key Features:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Controlled actively heated print chamber - temperature up to 70C
    • Heated bed up to 135C
  • Compatible with Spitfire, Zen and Flex extruders
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Camera inside print chamber
  • Touch interface with in-built video tutorials
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Extruder recognition
  • USB thumb drive
  • Resurrection System
  • Free-Z System
  • Door open/closed sensor

Standard Delta WASP 4070 Industrial 

You can now print big volumes with technical materials thanks to Delta WASP 4070 Industrial. With its superior closed chamber and enhanced mechanics, there's no impossible print. 



SPITFIRE EXTRUDER: extruder for fast and high-quality prints. Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm)

Tool Heads

    • Spitfire 
      • Nozzles .4mm standard and optional .7 & 1.2mm
    • ZEN Dual Extruder
      • Nozzles .4mm standard and optional .7 & 1.2mm 
    • Flex Extruder
      • A direct-drive extruder which is best suited to reliably print flexible material such as TPE and TPU. Compatible only with 2.85/3mm diameter filament.
      • Nozzles .4mm standard and optional .7mm(order only)

Technical Details

Cylindrical Print Area:  ø 400 mm - 700 mm h 
  • Layer resolution: 100 micron
  • Filament used: ø 1.75 mm
  • Maximum Print Speed: 200 mm/s
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 300 mm/s
  • WASP Spitfire Extruder: Steel nozzle ø 0.4 mm (available 0.7 mm)
  • Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, HIPS, FLEX, TPU, PP, ABS+PC, Nylon, Nylon+Carbon
  • Closed Chamber, Integrated End-Filament Sensor, Exclusive Suspended Bowden.


  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Software Slicing: Cura, SLic3r, Simplify 3D
  • File Type: .stl ,.obj , .gcode
  • Never lose your print with FREE-Z System and Resurrection System. 


  • SD Card, LCD Screen


  • Machine Dimensions: 85 x 77 x 195 cm (33.46 x 30.32 x 76.77 in)
  • Machine Weight: 90 kg (198.42 lbs) 

Power Requirements

  • Input: 110V/60Hz
  • Extruder: 130W
  • Heated Platform: 1.3kW


  • Frame and Cover: Aluminium, Coated Iron, Polycarbonate, PU
  • Printing Bed: Aluminium
  • Movements: nylon wheels on aluminum slides

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