WASP Delta Pro & Industrial Extruder


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Replacement Extruder for Delta WASP 3D Printers. Please select the red or black spitfire based on the machine selection below.


  • Replaceable Cartridges
    • Available in HT (high temperature) & LT (Low temperature) with .4, .7, & 1.2mm options) 
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • High-Temperature 3D Printing

Red Spitfire Extruder: Machines after 2016 but if you are unsure, please send your serial number!

2040 Turbo 2, 2040 Pro, 4070 Industrial/4.0, 3MT Industrial 4.0

Black Spitfire Extruder: Machines before 2016

2040 Standard, 4070 Pro- old 

Delta WASP Spitfire System Black (2040PRO; 4070; 60100)




The double extruder incorporates the configurable architecture of the new SPITFIRE System and, thanks to the tilting mechanical gearbox of the extruder that is printing, incorporates all the best of WASP technology.

WASP ZEN Extruder, the double extruder of WASP, created to meet the needs of those customers who want to print:
_two different materials, to insert supports;
_two different types of materials that require different temperatures;
_two different nozzle diameters, or two different colors.

STOP & CLEAN anti-oozing tongue

The innovative anti-drip tab, when the second extruder is activated, immediately cleans the nozzle which is deactivated, without requiring that the entire extrusion system must move towards the perimeter of the printing surface at each extruder change, to allow the dripping of the molten material that remains inside the newly used nozzle to take place. This innovative solution allows significant time savings during the entire print.

Mechanics without engine

The exchange system between one extruder and another takes place mechanically without the need for further servomechanisms, through a tilting mechanical system with variable height, for faster and more reliable printing.

Interchangeable cartridges

ZEN LT cartridge with Teflon for printing at low temperatures (suitable for PLA; PETG and FLEX).
ZEN HT cartridge without Teflon for high-temperature printing (suitable for ABS; PA; PC; HIPS; PA + C; ASA; PMMA and PP).

The ZEN LT and HT cartridges are also available with a 0.4 / 0.7 / 1.2 mm diameter steel nozzle.

The cartridge (consisting of the nozzle, barrel, and clutch) represents the heart of the Spitfire System and gives the new WASP extrusion system maximum modularity and versatility. From now on, the extruder can be configurable according to different printing needs.




The flexible extruder is designed to extrude 3 mm diameter filaments to allow the use of flexible materials. It takes advantage of the "direct drive" extrusion technology allowing quick and precise prints with retraction enabled.

Direct Drive technology 3 mm
diameter Standard 0.4 mm nozzle diameter supplied with the extruder / 0.7 mm (available only on request)
Max. 260 ° C
Shore max. 50 shore A
Printable materials TPU, TPE, PP Stainless steel
cartridge with PTFE inner tube Double
cooling radial fan cooling
Coil support for Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL 4.0 and Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2 models

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