Mosaic Palette 3

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Multi-material & multi-colour 3D printing

With a simple plug & play setup, the Palette 3 enables the 3D printer to process 4 colours in one print, to combine flexible or rigid materials and to achieve more complex prints with soluble supports.

4 filament inputs

Let your creativity run free and use the 4-colour printing function.
Combine materials with different properties in one print.

Improved splice core

Experience the 3rd generation splice core. The improved splice mechanism was achieved by optimising the interior of the splice core tubes to substantially reduce the likelihood of filament jams in the splice core. In addition, the cooling functions have been improved by adding an additional fan to cool the filament as it exits the splice.

This increases splicing efficiency and makes the Palette 3 10% faster than Palette 2S!

Automated filament management

Print longer and without interruptions thanks to the automatic filament management system.

Revised limit switches

The range 3 has newly developed and improved limit switches made of hardened steel, which have been tested for durability and wear. The design is compact, offers more space for improved filament monitoring and tracking throughout the device, and is perfect for filament shortage detection.

Integrated Canvas Hub

The Palette 3 is equipped with an integrated canvas hub to guarantee a simple and seamless printing process. With the built-in Canvas Hub, there's no need to buy and set up any additional hardware to connect all of your devices.

You can access prints directly from the palette's touchscreen and start printing in seconds. Even if you are not on the same network, prints can be done remotely with Canvas monitoring.

All 3D prints can be managed in the cloud and shared with other users.

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