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i fast



QIDI Technology has been committed to the development of high-quality, high-performance 3d printers. As a consumer-level mid-to-high-end leader, we launch 3-4 types of new model 3d printers every year, and our R&D capabilities are ahead of our peers! The new i-series will be officially released in 2021, representing more advanced technology and pursuing the ultimate user experience!

i fast


i fast 3d printer

Technology: FDM

Extruder: Normal extruder, Ruby Extruder

Printing Size:360x250x320mm

heater chamber

Heated Chamber

The i-fast 3d printer equipped with a heated chamber, which can be heated to 60°C,it can print stronger manufacturing grade parts and industrial fixtures.


Automatic Dual Extruder

The i-fast 3d printer is equipped with automatic dual extruder, which can automatically adjust the left and right extruder up and down according to the software.Precision printing with PVA water soluble support.

Print with Metal Filament

Print with Metal Filament

The metal filaments can be used to print metal parts, such as bafs 316 stainless steel filaments (sintering treatment is required in the post processing).


Dual Z-axis Structure

The i-fast 3d printer uses QIDI’s second-generation dual Z-axis structure. With all linear industrial guide rails , the printing speed is doubled compared with the DIY structure 3D Printer. Compared with the frame structure, it is increased by 20%, and the fastest printing is 100cc/s. The printing precision is more delicate and the printing is faster.

Large print size

Large Printing Size

ifast's large print size is 330mm*250mm*320mm. It achieves printing of larger models at once.


Latest generation slicing software

Latest Slicing Software

The Qidi Tech latest generation slicing software version 5.5.0 : Redesigned UI interface of Qidi Print software is more convenient to operate. It has been changed the software's slicing algorithm and improves the print quality by 30 percent and speed by 20 percent. The Qidi Print software compatible with all types of Qidi Tech 3d printers, life-time free, the alternative to paid software.


Filament spool holder

Pull Rod Design Filament Spool Holder

Pull Rod Design Filament Spool Holder makes the filament runs out more smoothly .


Features & details

  • Faster printing . Fully industrial-grade structure, using the second-generation Qidi dual Z-axis structure, all of the original motion structure is upgraded to linear guides, with the ruby extruder, the filament extruding is faster and smoother, the printing accuracy is higher .The printing speed is increased by 20%, it is set to print easily at 100 cc.
  • Freedom in the choice of the filament: iFast can print almost all kinds of filaments which suitable for FDM 3D printers on the market, such as PLA ,PLA+ ,ABS ,PETG, NYLON,etc. The iFast 3d printer equipped with a heated chamber, which can be heated to 60°C. The excellent mechanical structure can produce more robust manufacturing-grade parts.
  • Freedom in manufacturing of the complex parts . iFast is equipped with automatic dual extruder, which can automatically adjust the left and right extruder up and down according to the software. With the PVA (water-soluble) support, it is very suitable for printing manufacturing-level parts with complex structures and realizing precision manufacturing.
  • Unique ruby extruder. iFast is equipped with a single ruby extruder. Compared with the brass or stainless steel nozzles which on the market, it is more durable and prints smoother. The iFast 3d printer is pre-installed with dual extruder, and the print size is 330×250×320mm. If switch to the single extruder, the print size is 360×250×320mm.
  • Excellent user experience, friendly UI interface.It’s equipped with self-developed QIDI slicing software, two modes can be selected: normal mode and expert mode. The normal mode is suitable for novices, the parameter system has been intelligently set, no other operations are required, it is very simple. Expert mode is suitable for experienced users, who can deeply participate in modifying parameters and personalized printing models.

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Alex H.

great printer....................... good service techs............... what else can you ask for .

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