VIVEDINO Raptor 2+ Huge 3D Printer with 400x400x700mm Print Size

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Vivedino Raptor 2.0 Huge 3D Printer

Now we have made below upgrades and sell it as Raptor 2+:

1. TMC2209 drivers for all axis.
2. bigger Y motor, length 60mm.
3. 8015 dual ball bearing fan for cooling drivers.
4. magnetic flexible PEI sheet with powder coated.
5. enclosed box for SSR.
6. grounding wire for SSR and heated bed.
7. foldable and hard-wearing cables for KEENOVO heating pad.

Raptor 2.0, Industrial Grade Large 3D Printer

Top Features:

  • 400x400x700mm Build Size
  • Filament Run Out Sensor
  • High-temp. PTFE Tube                                               
  • Auto Bed Leveling with BLTouch   
  • Compatible with Flexible Filament 
  • High Quality PEI Sheet
  • KEENOVO AC Heater Pad with SSR
  • TMC2208 Stepper Drivers
  • Industrial Linear Guide Rails
  • TBI Ball Screw                      
  • Genuine Meanwell Power Supply
  • 4040# Aluminum Extrusion                                      
  • LED Lighting System
  • TTL Laser Engraver (Optional)

Raptor 2.0 comes assembled nearly, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete assembly, very easy to operate

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