WASP Clay Tanks


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Aluminum Tank for Dense Fluid Materials

Ideal for ceramic materials. Compatible with Delta WASP 2040, 4070, 2040 Clay, 40100 Clay

Product description

-Tank in certified aluminum up to 40 bar.

- Safety valve set at 7 bar.

The tanks have been updated and have a square section. They will be delivered with support for both round and square section tanks.

- Carefully read the label on the tank and the MANUAL ;

-Be sure, before putting it under pressure, that the 2 caps of the tank are completely screwed until the tank thread is completely covered.

-Check periodically that the thread of the caps and the tank are not worn or dents.

-Keep the thread of the caps and the tank clean at all times to prevent the caps from closing incorrectly.

-Place grease periodically on the thread of the caps and the tank.

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