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Z-SUPPORT is a water-soluble support filament made for low temperature 3D printing. It’s compatible with Z-PETG, Z-PLA and Z-SEMIFLEX materials. The filament’s main ingredient is nontoxic and biodegradable polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Nearly hands-free support removal reduces the time needed to complete projects and leaves all surfaces intact once the support structures are dissolved. The filament dissolves with no additional solvents. Water is all it needs to disappear from your models.

Water-soluble support system is a key feature of the LPD Plus technology we have developed for Zortrax Inventure. 3D printing with both base and support materials enables it to make models impossible to print on a single-extrusion device. Designs with complex internal architecture, organic shapes, or moving mechanisms can be 3D printed in one go as water can almost entirely dissolve support structures made of Z-SUPPORT. Those structures can be removed in the Zortrax DSS Station, a device that circulates water at exactly right temperature to ensure the optimal dissolution rate of this PVA filament.


ZORTRAX DSS STATION The device is an integral part of LPD Plus technology, allowing for easy and convenient removal of the water-soluble filaments.


- Hollow parts

- Complex models

- Working mechanisms

- Objects 3D printed in one piece

- Short-series production



Low-temperature 3D printing


Integrated solution

Z-SUPPORT is compatible with low-temperature 3D printing materials: Z-PLA, Z-PETG and Z-SEMIFLEX for Zortrax Inventure.

It's best to use Z-SUPPORT with Zortrax DSS Station. The device is designed for hands-free operation, with minimal user’s engagement. Just fill it with water, place the model inside and wait for support structures to dissolve. 

Water-soluble support material is an integral part of LPD Plus technology. The solution, exclusive to Zortrax Inventure 3D printer, was designed to provide the most reliable and consistent quality, no matter the model’s complexity.


Dedicated for




Zortrax Inventure


350 g. ±5%

1.75 mm


Support material compatible with




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